Nani works as a sculptural floor lamp at the same time as an informal lamp, designed to pull out

the wooden pole so you can move it to any place you want inside some apartment or house giving

you the chance to have a different perspective of the lamp. Nani light is thought to give a warm atmosphere,

so you could have it next to your sofa or a lounge chair while you read etc. thanks that light is spread and

it’s not direct. 

Nani means “to walk without course” in Otomí Dialect from México 

All the concept of this lamp starts with this meaning because as a studio we believe that today, we as society

have a “nomad” Lifestyle, we move from one place to another without a defined course, therefore the objects we

design should seek to respond to this trend thanks to its lightness, easy mobility, easy to assemble and that could

be adaptable to smaller spaces. So why not bring that concept to these daily objects we have. 

Informality is given on purpose to Nani with certain accessories like the cable that travels visible from the top

to the ground giving it a visual identity instead of just hiding it. 

In this project, we wanted to use natural materials with a simple finish like the wood, the steel, brass, leather

and even concrete, because we believe that materiality should be as pure after is handcrafted and produced so the

lamp could age by itself, so the concrete base is just sanded by hand without any other enamel or finish.

Nani´s design is thought to be a light pole, the height and the diameter of the concrete base makes the pole be the

priority of the lamp and make it stable.

The studio is excited to exhibit Nani this year at Museo Tamayo among other Design Studios during

Design Week Mexico 2018


Concrete / Steel / Solid Oak or Walnut

2 - 3 weeks of production

Price / 500.00 USD